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Get Your DNP Without Stepping Foot the Classroom

Thank You!

You now have access to the Doctor of Nursing Practice FAQ’s.

If you would like to download or print a copy of this document, please use this PDF.

What type of faculty support is available to DNP students?

Faculty are available for consultation in person, via phone, email, or communication though Adobe Connect. Students will need to set an appointment with faculty for these meetings. Each student is assigned an advisor when admitted to the program. This advisor assists with course schedules and mapping the plan of study.

What are my financial aid options?

Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing offers a wide variety of financial aid options to students. A financial aid advisor can help guide you through the application process. Call 309-624-9932 to speak to an advisor.

Does my state have approval for me to attend an online program in IL?

Contact the Dean at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing to verify approval. Call 309-655-2230.

What are the requirements for Transfer of Credits into the DNP program?

The request for transfer of credit must be approved by the Dean of the graduate program. Any student planning to enroll in a graduate course at another institution while enrolled in the DNP program should discuss this with the Dean prior to enrollment. Only courses completed at the graduate level and that are deemed comparable to courses offered at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing will be considered for transfer. Courses must have been completed within the last five years and students must have earned a grade of “B” or better. Students may request up to nine hours of transfer credit.

Do you need the GRE?

No, the GRE is not required for the DNP program at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing.

Is it possible to switch between the DNP Clinical and DNP Leadership programs?

Students may switch between programs with the consent of their academic advisor and the graduate dean. Additional courses may be required depending on course requirements. Any student wishing to enter the DNP-Clinical program must be credentialed as an Advanced Practice Nurse.

What is the location for my practicum hours?

All practicum hours will be completed within the student’s state of licensure.

Approximately how long will it take me to complete the program?

Most students complete their DNP within 3 years. The DNP program must be completed within 5 years from the start date.

What are the admission requirements for the DNP program?

  • Earned Master’s degree in nursing, from an accredited program or school, with a GPA of 3.2 or higher on a 4 point scale.
  • DNP-Clinical option: applicant must be credentialed as an Advanced Practice Nurse and licensed in the state in which he or she practices.
  • DNP-Leadership option: applicant must have a bachelors in nursing and a masters in health administration, leadership or other masters approved by the Dean of the graduate program or graduate committee
  • Submission of a professional portfolio that includes:
  1. Statement of reason(s) for seeking the DNP
  2. Curriculum vitae with publications listed (if applicable)
  3. Copy of license (RN and/or APN) from the state (or states) where applicant is currently licensed.
  4. Education experience and certification in an advanced practice specialty
  5. Narrative description of current and past clinical practice, leadership or educational experience
  6. Three letters of reference (at least one from a former faculty or academic advisor and at least one from a former employer)
  7. 500 to 1,000-word typed essay outlining goals, objectives and focused area of interest in pursuing the DNP.
  8. A graduate level statistics course within the past five years, or equivalent experience to be determined by the graduate dean.
  9. Transcripts for the DNP-Clinical option must show completion of graduate level Advanced Health Assessment, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology as separate courses.
  10. Personal interview