Technology | Computer LabOSF SFMC College of Nursing is dedicated to providing its students with technology that assists them in reaching a higher plateau of learning. To accomplish this the College analyzes current trends and implements those that will benefit our students. To learn more about technology at the College click here.

Nursing Learning Center

Technology | Mary with Students in SimulationThe College of Nursing launched its Simulation Program in the Undergraduate Program during the 2008-2009 academic year. The Nursing Learning Center was started as an AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program) project to Enhance Student Learning. The overall goal for this AQIP project was to develop a Nursing Learning Center for students that would provide an opportunity for the development of critical thinking, decision making, and priority setting skills for larger number of students... More

  • Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Post Graduate Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Certificate
  • Nursing Management Leadership (NML)
  • Neonatal Nursing Practitioner (NNP)