The College integrates technology into its curriculum to improve student learning. The Instructional Design and Technology Specialist is dedicated to assisting faculty in providing active learning opportunities for students, increasing the effectiveness of current communication channels, and supporting all faculty, staff and students in their use of technology. Some of the technology we utilize to facilitate engaged, active learning include:

  • eCollege Content Management System for all courses
  • i>clicker classroom response system
  • Wireless classrooms for interactive group activities
  • Camtasia for creation of interactive educational elements
  • Simulation labs that include: SimMan, SimBaby, SimMan 3G, Noell, SimNewB, and SimMan Essentials
  • Skype


Minimum Computer Requirements

All College of Nursing courses require the use of a computer and an e-mail account. You may use the College’s computer labs or your own personal computer. If you choose to use a personal computer, you will need the following:


Minimum Hardware Requirements
Microsoft Windows 7, XP, Vista, or Mac OS X higher (in classic mode) 1 GB Ram
1 GB Free Space G4, G5, or 1 GHx Intel Processor
G Wireless Networking High speed modem and Interent connectivity
Sound card Speakers
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels Headphones
Microphone WebCam (Graduate Students Only)


Minimum Software Needed
Microsoft Office 2010 MP4 Player Options:
Browser: Adobe Flash Player 9
Internet Explorer 8.0 or newer QuickTime Player
Firefox 12.0 or newer Windows Media Player 9
Google Chrome 19 or newer Macromedia Flash Player
Safari 5.0 or newer (Mac) Macromedia Shockwave Player
Sun's Java 2 SDK (Java 1.6 or newer) RealPlayer 8 Basic Player
Microsoft JVM (Windows XP SP1 only) Exam Guard Respondus Software*
MacOS Clasic Java (MRJ 2.2.5) (Mac) Skype Account (Graduate Students Only)
DirectX 9 or newer

Note: Additional system requirements and/or software may be required and is based on the technology individual instructors choose. Check with your instructor for specific requirements.

* Can be downloaded from Software section below.

Minimum Requirements for Mobile Devices* iPad – iOS 5.1 or latest Native Apps Mobile Sites: iPhone iOS 2.1 and above iPhone iOS Safari 3.1.3 and above Android iOS 3.0 and above Android OS Browser 1.5 and above Windows Phone 7, 480x800 resolution Windows OS Browser 7.0 and above Blackberry OS Browser 5.0 and above webOS OS Browser 1.4.1 and above Symbian OS Browser 3.0 and above * Mobile Devices are not required and use of devices for or during courses is at the faculty members’ discretion.


To check the compatability of your browser and to determine what version you are running you can visit the following site:


Technology | Adobe Reader

Technology | Adobe Flash

Technology | Adobe Shockwave

Technology | Quicktime
Technology | Get Java
Technology | Get DirectX


Technology | Internet Explorer
Technology | Firefox
Technology | Google Chrome
Technology | Safari


Technology | eCollege

Technology | ExamGuard
Technology | i>Clicker Registration Technology | i>Clicker GO
Technology | SONIS Students Technology | SONIS Faculty Technology | SONIS Administration  Technology | SONIS Alumni
Technology | Outlook Technology | SmarterMeasure Technology | Skype  

Technical Support







There are a number of tutorials available and in development to assist students, faculty, and staff in using the software and programs at the College.


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