Saint Francis College of Nursing - Faculty and Administration

Faculty and staff are committed to serving the students and community. All faculty hold masters degrees in nursing. Over one third of faculty hold an earned doctorate and an additional one third are enrolled in doctoral studies. Longevity of service to the College is a hallmark of both faculty and staff. Faculty members promote scholarship through active participation in professional organizations such as Sigma Theta Tau, Kappa Delta Pi, Illinois League for Nursing; and National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission; by conducting and presenting research; and authoring chapters for textbooks. Faculty members are involved in research activities. Faculty members maintain expertise appropriate to their teaching responsibilities in a variety of ways including clinical practice (not private practice) and/or maintain national nursing certifications. Professional staff are involved in their respective professional organizations as a way to maintain expertise and improve services for students.

Strengths of the faculty members include the diversity in teaching experience, community service, clinical background and educational preparation. All faculty and staff are committed to continuing the tradition of excellence in nursing education.


  • Contact | Patricia Stockert

    Patricia A. Stockert, RN, PhD
    President of the College

  • Contact | Kimberly Mitchell

    Kimberly Mitchell, RN, PhD, CNE
    Dean of Graduate Program
  • Contact | Suzanne Brown

    Suzanne Brown, RN, DNP, PhD
    Dean of Undergraduate Program

  • Contact | Kevin Stephens

    Kevin Stephens, BS
    Assistant Dean, Support Services


  • Contact | Vicki Craig

    Vicki Craig
    Graduate Admissions Assistant
  • Contact | Denise Crayton

    Denise M. Crayton
    Coordinator of Admissions

  • Contact | Janice Farquharson

    Janice Farquharson, BS
    Director of Admissions/Registrar

  • Contact | Kim Prichard

    Kim Prichard
    Undergraduate Admissions Assistant
  • Contact | Ibbie Voltz

    Ibbie Voltz, RN, BSN
    Professional Nurse Recruiter


  • Contact | Lezley Anderson

    Lezley Anderson, MA, MSN, RN, TNS
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Paulette Archer

    Paulette M. Archer, RN, EdD
    Professor, Coordinator of Academic Development Center

  • Contact | Kaitlin Bailey

    Kaitlin Bailey, RN, MSN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Nancy Bailey

    Nancy R. Bailey, RN, MS, CNE

  • Contact | Susan Barth

    Susan Barth, RN, MA
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Leigh Ann Bonney

    Leigh Ann Bonney, RN, PhD, CCRN
    Associate Professor

  • Contact | Laura Bowers

    Laura Bowers, RN, MSN, APN, NNP-BC
    Lead Instructor, NNP

  • Contact | Keli Briggs

    Keli Briggs, RN, MSN
    Assistant Professor
  • Contact | Karen Burkitt

    Karen Burkitt, RN, MSN

  • Contact | Kelly Cone

    Kelly J. Cone, RN, PhD, CNE

  • Contact | Mark Dabbs

    Mark Dabbs, MSN, RN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Darci Davis

    Darcie Davis, MSN, RN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Joe Degitz

    R. Joe Degitz, MSN, RN, CCRN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Phillis Dewitt

    Phillis Dewitt, RN, APN-BC, DNP

  • Contact | Mary Donnelly

    Mary J. Donnelly, RN, EdD
    Associate Professor

  • Contact | Sister Rosalinda

    Sister Rosalinda Drees, MSN, RN, CNE, OCN
    Associate Professor

  • Contact | Karen Ehnle

    Karen Ehnle, RN, MS

  • Contact | Kelly Fogelmark

    Kelly Fogelmark, RN, MSN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Megan Frye

    Megan Frye, RN, MSN

  • Contact | Christina Garcia

    Christina Garcia, RN, PhD
    Lead Nursing Management Faculty/Associate Professor

  • Contact | Deborah Givan

    Deborah Givan, RN, MSN

  • Contact | Gerri Hellhake-Hall

    Gerri Hellhake-Hall, MSN, APN, FNP-BC
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Lorri Graham

    Lorri Graham, RN, DNP, CIC, CPHQ, CNE
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Maureen Hermann

    Maureen Hermann, DNP, RN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Theresa Hoadley

    Theresa Hoadley, RN, PhD, TNS

  • Contact | Jeremy Hulet

    Jeremy Hulet, RN, MSN, CVRN

  • Contact | Karla Leffler

    Karla Leffler, RN, MSN

  • Contact | Jenna Liphart

    Jenna Liphart, RN, MSN

  • Contact | Margaret Markley

    Margaret Markely, RN, MSN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Stephanie Meuser

    Stephanie Meuser, MSN, APN, FNP-BC
    Coordinator Nursing Resource Center, Instructor

  • Contact | Theresa Miller

    Theresa Miller, RN, PhD
    Associate Professor
  • Contact | Patricia O'Connor

    Patricia O'Connor, RN, MSN, CNE
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Suzie Pilon

    Suzie Pilon, RN, MS

  • Contact | Melanie Reeves

    Melanie Reeves, RN, MSN, CNS-BC

  • Contact | Beverly Reynolds

    Beverly J. Reynolds, RN, EdD, CNE

  • Contact | Kristine Rose

    Kristine Rose, RN, MSN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Suzan Shane-Gray

    Suzane Shane-Gray, EdD, APN, CNS-P

  • Contact | Terri Shumway

    Terri Shumway, MSN, APN, FNP-BC
    Lead FNP/Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Sona Siegel

    Sona Siegel, RN, MSN, CNE
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Crystal Slaughter

    Crystal Slaughter, APN, ACNS-BC, DNP
    Associate Professor

  • Contact | Teresa Smyth

    Teresa Smyth, RN, MSN

  • Contact | Sheri Streitmatter

    Sheri Streitmatter, RN, MSN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Kelly Tillis

    Kelly Tillis, RN, MSN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Angie Timm

    Angela Timm, RN, MSN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Rebecca Vaughn

    Rebecca Vaughn, RN, MSN
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Jessica Verpleatse

    Jessica Verplaetse, RNC-NIC, MSN

  • Contact | Alissa Watkins

    Alissa Watkins, RN, MSN, PCNS-BC
    Assistant Professor

  • Contact | Rebecca Weaver

    Rebecca Weaver, RN, MSN, MHNP
    Lead FMHNP Faculty/Assistant Professor

  • Contact | June West

    June West, RN, MSN

  • Contact | Carolyn Wright Boon

    Carolyn Wright Boon, RN, MSN
    Assistant Professor

Financial Aid 

  • Contact | Nancy Perryman

    Nancy Perryman, BS
    Coordinator of Student Finance

  • Contact | Lynne Jost

    Lynne Jost
    Student Finance Assistant

Professional Staff 

  • Contact | Helene Batzek

    Helene Batzek, AS
    Alumni Relations Representative

  • Contact | Jennifer Carlock

    Jennifer Carlock, MSW, LCSW
    College Counselor

  • Contact | Bill Komanecki

    Bill Komanecki, MLIS
  • Contact | Luann Morelock

    Luann Morelock, AAS
    Administrative Assistant

  • Contact | Carlene Murali

    Carlene Murali, AAS
    College Support Representative

  • Contact | Elizabeth Reynolds

    Elizabeth Reynolds, Ed.M.
    Instructional Design and Technology Specialist
  • Contact | Rebecca Rundall

    Rebecca Rundall, BA
    Library Technician

  • Contact | Robin Strange

    Robin Strange, RN, BSN
    Health Nurse/Practice Lab Assistant

  • Contact | Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams, MBA
    Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Specialist

  • Contact | Elizabeth Zaluska

    Elizabeth Zaluska, BS
    College Support Representative

Student Accounts 

  • Contact | Alice Evans

    Alice Evans, AAS
    Coordinator, Student Accounts and Business Services

  • Faculty and Staff | Photo Coming Soon!

    Kimberly Buffington
    Student Finance Assistant Accounts Receivable



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