760 Health Care Finance and Policy

This course focuses on understanding how health care is organized, financed, and delivered in the U.S. and examines key issues currently on the U.S. national policy agenda. This is an interprofessional course offering. This course will examine both healthcare economics and the business of practice. The relationship of economic issues, health policy & clinical practice will be explored. Economic concepts and tools will be used to examine issues and solve problems/issues pertaining to health care and the delivery of healthcare services. Approaches to economic evaluations will be explored and students will use findings from economic evaluations to inform policy makers about the costs and effects of medical interventions to support their decisions on the allocation of health care resources. Evidence-based critique skills will be expanded to include critical appraisal of economic evaluation studies and select software will be used to conduct an economic systematic review. Relevant finance concepts will be explored to develop skills in assessing the practice/organizations' financial condition, budgeting and profit analysis. Prerequisites: 700, 710, 720, 730 for DNP-C, 740 DNP-L or consent of instructor. 3 S.H.