800 Capstone Project - DNP Clinical

This capstone course provides the student with the opportunity to synthesize previous learning in the implementation and evaluation of a system level change designated to immediately improve healthcare outcomes. During the 128 hours associated with this course, the student will conduct a change project based on principles of science and evidence-based practice, healthcare quality, and systems leadership. Successful completion of this final practicum will require the student to present the results of the change project to his/her capstone project committee for their review and approval of the cumulative scholarly work. It is expected that this project will demonstrate the measurement and evaluation of outcomes resulting from the organizational changes. In the seminar portion of the course, discussions focus on the sophisticated leadership skills required of the nurse executive, including the highest level of analytic thinking and problem-solving skill. Prerequisites: Successful completion of the 33 doctoral credits prior to this capstone course and approval of the student's committee to implement the individually designed change project. Prerequisites: 700, 710, 720, 730, 750, 760 & 770. 6 S.H.