810 Organizational Management/Leadership

The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive exploration of leadership theories and principles, as well as innovative leadership techniques. Units of content will focus on systems thinking, values and ethics, human resource utilization, legal issues, decision-making, organizational culture and climate, communication skills, succession planning, theories of change and change leadership, creation of learning communities, professional accountability, and leadership within professional nursing organizations. Qualities and behaviors associated with exemplary leadership will be identified. The goal of this course is to develop and refine the leadership skills of the student as he/she works to transform practice and educational environments in order to enhance the quality of nursing and healthcare delivery systems. The student will be expected to use his/her own work environment as a learning laboratory to assess and develop existing leadership structures. Content includes forecasting, the processes of decision-making based on data and decision trees, making choices for location and physical layout design of healthcare services, the processes associated with reengineering and work redesign, the use of data in determining staffing and scheduling decisions, measurement of productivity, making resource allocation and inventory decisions, the use of date in quality initiatives, project management, and capacity planning. During the 128 practicum hours associated with this course, the student will develop a leadership project in his/her work setting. Using leadership theories and principles, the student will be expected to conduct a project that makes an immediate impact of the quality of healthcare and nursing. Sixteen hours of seminar are included in this course, to provide the student with the opportunity to participate in a learning community of colleagues and scholars who will serve as consultants on the projects. Prerequisites: 700, 710, 720, 730 (DNP-C), 740, 750 (DNP-C), 760, and 770. 3 S.H.