Masters of Science in Nursing Clinical Nurse Leader


Description of Program

The Masters of Science in Nursing in Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) is a 36 credit hour course of study designed to provide the baccalaureate prepared nurse with and in-depth study as a leader in an integrated healthcare system.

The CNL is a provider and a manager at the point of care to individual and cohorts across all settings in which health care may be delivered. The CNL functions as a generalist that assumes accountability for healthcare outcomes for a specific group of patients within a unit or setting through the adaptation and application of research-based information to design, implement, and evaluate client plans of care. The CNL may also coordinate, delegate, and supervise the care provided by the interdisciplinary health team.

Graduate students who select the CNL option will show competence by completion of a combination of course work in clinical nursing, a clinical or leadership immersion experience, and healthcare systems leadership.

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Curriculum Schedule


Semester Hours
499 Statistics 3
Core Courses
Semester Hours
500 Theoretical Foundations 3
504 Health Promotion 3
508 Nursing Research 3
516 Advances in Nursing Leadership 3
Advanced Health Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning Across the Lifespan (64 practicum hours) 3 (2/1)
Advanced Pathophysiology Across the Life Span 3
Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics Across the Life Span 3
544 Development and Evaluation of Programs in Health Care 3
548 Nursing Informatics 3
552 Finance and Health Care Management 3
612 CNL Immersion Experience (384 practicum hours) 6
Practicum hours are calculated as 1 credit hour = 4 clock hours
Total hours 36
Total practicum hour 448

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