600 Educator Practicum (600.1 and 600.2)

May be taken over 2 semesters. Application and synthesis of teaching and learning theories are integral to this course. With an assigned preceptor, the student will have the opportunity to practice teaching and evaluation strategies within either a nursing program or staff development setting. Each student is guided through mutually planned experiences in the areas of classroom planning, teaching methods and evaluations; experiences with clinical teaching; course planning, development, and evaluation. Evaluation for this practicum will include assessment of classroom and clinical teaching as well as participation in course planning. This course may be completed in one or two semesters. Prerequisites: 500, 504, 508, 512, 516, 520, 524, 528, (or 522, 526, 530) 532, 536, and 540 or consent of instructor. 6 S.H. (0/6)