612 CNL Immersion Experience

May be taken over 2 semesters. This immersion experience is a course which builds upon the knowledge and competencies gained from the core courses and the specialty courses from medical surgical of 520, 524, 528 or the child and family courses 522, 526, and 530. The emphasis in this experience is for the CNL student to function as a generalist providing evidenced based practice and managing care at the point of care to individuals, families and populations/communities. The student functions within the clinical Microsystems and will synthesize information and knowledge for effective critical thinking, decision making and evaluation. The CNL student will use the roles of outcomes manager, client advocate, team manager, risk assessor for quality improvement, and facilitator of practice changes. Prerequisites: 500, 504, 508, 516, 520, 524, 528, (or 522, 526, 530), 548, 552 or consent of instructor. 6 S.H. (0/6)