Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing

General Scholarship Program Requirements and Application Process

Deadline:   April 24, 2013

General Guidelines

  1. You must be currently enrolled at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing to apply.
  2. You only need to complete one application. Please read and complete the application carefully! You will be matched with and considered for the appropriate Institutional scholarships for which you are eligible.
  3. Criteria varies from scholarship to scholarship. Students are encouraged to review the scholarship listing found on the College Website for individual scholarship details.
  4. Some scholarships are unrestricted and open to any enrolled student.
  5. Reference Form Protocol: Applicant completes the top section of the Reference Letter, signs release and forwards to Faculty or Employer/Volunteer/Leadership Advisor. Faculty will return the reference directly to SFMC CON Student Finance Office. Applicants may want to provide Employers with stamped addressed envelopes to return their references to SFMC-CON Student Finance Office. References may be faxed to (309) 655-3962 or scanned and emailed to
  6. You may withdraw your Institutional Scholarship Application by submitting written notification to SFMC-CON Student Finance Office.
  7. As part of the final selection process, an interview with a representative of SFMC-CON or the appropriate Scholarship Donor/Committee may be required.
  8. All scholarship decisions are made by the appropriate scholarship committee and are final.
  9. Award amounts may vary depending upon availability of funds.
  10. Funds awarded will be applied to the student’s account and must first be used for tuition, fees and required materials.
  11. Decisions are generally finalized after semester grades are in.  Students will be notified by letter in June.
  12. Scholarship recipients are expected to attend a Scholarship Reception held in October.


Application Process

  1. Recommended in order to increase scholarship matches: File the 2013/2014 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at and complete the College of Nursing financial aid process.
  2. Be prepared with the following information prior to completing application:
    • Names of 2 references
    • Financial income and financial aid information
    • essay
  3. Submit completed application by deadline.
    • Application and essay are submitted on-line 
    • Reference forms and signed release must be printed out, completed and returned to the College Student Finance Office, Room 710 (or faxed to 655-3062 or scanned and emailed to

For questions, please contact:

Carlene Murali,
College Support Representative


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