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Student Finance | Finance StaffThe financial assistance offered by Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing is not like any other. We don't just help you fill out forms. We can connect you to a wide variety of resources. What makes our Student Finance Office different is the individual attention we are able to give every student. This past year, some sort of financial aid was received by 91% of our graduate students and 87% of the undergrads.

Unlike larger institutions, we don't just give you forms to fill out. Because of our deep roots in the community we help our students access a wide variety of outside resources, from public and private agencies as well as generous individuals, clubs and organizations.

At this current time of economic crisis, we know more and more students are experiencing financial troubles...but that means we just need to be very creative and use every possible resource. We are deeply committed to helping students get into school, stay in school, and achieve their dreams. Come and see us! We are here to help you with the process of financing your education.

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