RN-BSN Curriculum

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree offered by the Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing consists of at total of 124 semester hours of coursework. These hours are divided into 62 semester hours of required pre-nursing courses and 62 semester hours of coursework within the nursing major. The faculty has designed the curriculum so that each course contributes to the overall educational experience, all coursework is based on the Mission and Philosophy of the College. The organizational framework of the BSN program gives direction to the sequencing of courses in the nursing major and allows students to experience concept development in the study of nursing and to meet the overall program objectives.

RN-BSN Program Requirements

Semester Hours
Pre-Nursing Requirements 59
RN-BSN Course Requirements
304 Nursing and Healthcare Ethics 3
310 Health Assessment 3
317 Concepts of Professional Nursing
318 Research for Nursing Practice 3
425 Promoting Healthy Communities for the RN
433 Experiences in Clinical Nursing-RN 8
434 Concepts in Nursing Management (RN only online section) 3
436 Trends and Issues for Professional Nursing for the RN 3
Total 31

Graduates of state-approved diploma or associate degree nursing programs may receive 33 credit hours of credit in the nursing major without examination. Upon formal acceptance and satisfactory completion of courses, 317 Concepts of Professional Nursing, 310 Health Assessment, and 425 Promoting Health Communities, the registered nurse will be granted credit for the following College of Nursing courses:

312 Pathophysiology 4
314 Pharmacological Basis of Nursing Practice 3
324 Conceptual Basis of Nursing I Theory 4
325 Conceptual Basis of Nursing I Clinical 2
330 Conceptual Basis of Nursing II Theory 5
331 Conceptual Basis of Nursing II Clinical 5
426 Conceptual Basis of Nursing III Theory 5
427 Conceptual Basis of Nursing III Clinical 5
Total BSN Courses 33