322 Concepts of Care for the Older Adult – 3 credit hours

Prerequisite: Completion of Conceptual Basis of Nursing I Theory, Conceptual Basis of Nursing I Clinical, Pathophysiology, Pharmacological Basis of Nursing Practice, and Learning Strategies for Nursing Students; or with approval of the Dean of the Undergraduate Program and course faculty.

Description: This course discusses and evaluates physiological and psychological concepts applicable to the older adult. Ethical, spiritual, cultural, and socioeconomic issues related to the older adult will be presented. Prior knowledge and skills in nursing, health assessment, pathophysiology, and pharmacology will be applied in the discussion of the nursing management of the older adult across the health/illness continuum. Utilizing the nursing process, students will relate the patient's history and assessment findings, pathology, and treatment plan. The review of diagnostics and assessment findings, including functional assessment, will enable the student to plan, implement, and evaluate individualized plans of care.