426 Conceptual Basis of Nursing III Theory – 5 credit hours

Prerequisite: Completion of Conceptual Basis of Nursing II Theory and Conceptual Basis of Nursing II Clinical; concurrent with or prior to Conceptual Basis of Nursing III Clinical; after completion or concurrent with Nursing and Healthcare Ethics and Concepts of Care for the Older Adult; or with approval of the Dean of the Undergraduate Program and course faculty.

Description: This course focuses on biophysical and psychosocial concepts related to cellular regulation, growth and development, perfusion, oxygenation, health promotion, coagulation, mobility, nutrition, fluid and electrolyte balance, fatigue, elimination and inflammation in patients across the lifespan. Additionally, professional nursing, biophysical, and psychosocial concepts will be discussed as they relate to the primary concepts. Emphasis is on the nursing process in assisting patients of various ages, wellness states, and cultures to reach optimal health by facilitating adaptation of physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual well-being.