431.6 Nursing Care of the Critically Ill Child – 3 credit hours

Prerequisite: Completion of Conceptual Basis of Nursing I, II, and III Theory and Clinical courses; concurrent with or after completion of Conceptual Basis of Nursing IV Theory and Clinical; or with approval of the Dean of the Undergraduate Program and course faculty.

Description: This course includes the study of concepts and principles from nursing and the sciences as they relate to the care of the critically ill neonatal and pediatric clients. Emphasis is placed on the psychosocial and physiologic needs of the client and family. The roles and functions of the nurse are discussed, as well as the ethical/legal issues encountered in the pediatric critical care environment. Appropriate research findings are discussed as they relate to the care of these clients. Students utilize the critical care units to observe and assist with nursing care of the neonatal or pediatric client.