439 Conceptual Basis of Nursing IV Clinical – 5 credit hours

Prerequisite: Completion of Conceptual Basis of Nursing III Theory, Conceptual Basis of Nursing III Clinical, Research for Nursing Practice, and Concepts in Nursing Management; concurrent with or prior to Conceptual Basis of Nursing IV Theory; or with approval of the Dean of the Undergraduate Program and course faculty.

Description: This course applies the concepts and theories of professional nursing from the course Conceptual Basis of Nursing IV Theory. Opportunities to learn and practice cognitive and psychomotor skills are provided in the professional skills laboratory using simulation activities and with assigned patients in the clinical settings. The nursing process is implemented in a variety of acute care, intermediate, and community settings for the promotion and restoration of health, rehabilitation for individuals, families, groups, and populations. Students participate as an integral member of the health care team to provide comprehensive nursing care to patients across the lifespan and from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic groups. Leadership, responsibility/accountability, and interprofessional collaboration are emphasized.


NOTE: Elective course offerings vary each year depending upon the number of students and availability of faculty.